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Medicare 101

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Medicare 101

One of the most significant benefits of turning 65 is qualifying for Medicare. Still, many people are unsure how it works and what they should do next. By now, you have probably received tons of mail from agents and insurance companies asking for your business and trying to pick one over the other can be challenging. As a local Medicare insurance agency, we will answer any questions about the Medicare process, help you navigate your options, and learn what is important to you.

With that said, since you have already found our website, we encourage you to explore and learn about the four parts of Medicare, plus a little thing called Medicare Supplement Insurance. Take your time clicking on each button above to get a brief understanding of all the different parts of Medicare. Write down any questions that may arise as you read through each part, and afterward, give us a call. As we mentioned earlier, we will take the time to answer any questions you have about the Medicare process.

After clicking on each tab and reading through everything this Medicare 101 page offers, one of the biggest takeaways should be that Medicare doesn’t cover all medical costs! Understanding that original Medicare is an eighty/twenty plan is imperative. Meaning Medicare only pays 80% of covered medical expenses, and you are responsible for the remaining 20% of the costs. There is no cap for the 20% you are liable to pay. In our experience, only having original Medicare puts you at an unlimited financial exposure. We invite you to our Medicare Options page to learn more about your options to combat this exposure.

The Medicare Options page will concentrate more on the two main options available to Medicare beneficiaries. The content is still a brief overview, meaning you will not become an expert on the subject. Its’ primary purpose is educating you on the advantages and disadvantages of each option and understanding the advantages and disadvantages will help guide you to your most suitable choice. Still, let a professional Medicare agent help ensure your decision is appropriate for your circumstances. 

On A Personal Note: We can’t tell you the countless times we have sat across from a person turning 65 at their kitchen table with a daunting stack of mail sitting next to them. Their first question is just begging them to come out and ask. “Am I supposed to read all this and feel comfortable making a good decision?” Our response is usually to the effect: Well, after today, you will be glad we sat together. We will find out what is important to you, and you will gain confidence and feel comfortable in your decision.

Our job is to help people with their Medicare insurance. That’s all we do 365 days a year! We get paid by the insurance companies, so there is no cost to you whatsoever. Yes, we want to earn your business, but more importantly, we want to ensure you have the best insurance, tailoring it around your needs. Also, we make sure you are within CMS’s rules. Nobody wants to receive CMS’s dreaded penalty letter! (CMS = Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

Bottom line do not mess around with something as important as your health insurance, even after reading everything outlined on this Medicare 101 page. All we do is help people understand their Medicare choices, then help them find a plan that best fits them. We are good at it, and there is no cost to use us. Why take the chance to do it yourself only to find out after it is too late that your chosen plan is inappropriate?

Let’s get started!